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Innovative Lighting Solution at Hotel Lago

The Hotel Lago in Ulm has two restaurants. The "Treibgut" restaurant for casual dining and the gourmet restaurant "Seestern", which has been awarded a Michelin star. Both restaurants were completely redesigned in 2018 and 2019 and equipped with innovative lighting solutions by Bartenbach.

In the restaurant "Treibgut" a daytime-dependent lighting solution was designed and realized. Daylight-supplementing light for bright summer evenings can be selected by the staff as well as the warm-toned, fire-like lighting ambience for later hours, or dark winter evenings.

The tables close to the windows receive daylight, but the tables in the depth of the room not. Bartenbach has counteracted this imbalance with an artificial lighting solution that creates a daylight impression for the entire room. It was solved with non-glare, inconspicuously integrated downlights into the ceiling, with a light aperture of only 8mm, which can change the light color from daylight-supporting white (morning and during the day) to a warm tone (in the evening).

In addition, decorative chandeliers were provided on the interior design, which are operated only with a very low own brightness. This is how the decorative character comes into its own and there is no unpleasant glare. The room lighting does not come from the chandeliers, but from the inconspicuous systems in the ceiling.

The respective light scenes are differently shaped in their distribution of brightness and in their light color and can be operated via a simple touchscreen interface.

Also the Restaurant Seestern uses its own daytime-dependent lighting solution. Outdoors the restaurant has its own barbecue area, table and lounge area, and direct access to the tree-lined lakeside. For the light scenery in the evening a fire-like warm tone with good, but not too high brightness was provided. The tables are partially illuminated from in the ceiling integrated slotlights. In the outdoor area, the lighting is provided by the large umbrella, which is indirectly illuminated from below. In order to make the outdoor space a complete experience, partial stone walls, staircases, wall niches and especially plants were also illuminated. A special feature of the path and plant radiation is the newly developed Garden Tube Lamp, which can be individually aligned with 5 moving single optics in the light distribution. For example, a Garden Tube Light simultaneously takes over path lighting, stairs and tree lighting without dazzling the guest.

The redesign in conjunction with the new lighting solution has achieved a unique welcoming quality. Excellent cuisine in an outstanding light ambience.


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