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Hartmann Campus – Attic Development in Munich

Above the roofs of Munich, overlooking the Frauenkirche, Teamwerk Architekten planned the new Hartmann Campus, a place for encounters and exchange in the form of events, conferences, workshops, and meetings. Covering an area of 190 m2, featuring flexible walls and elaborate curtain systems, a room was created that could accommodate the varying and demanding requirements of the Hartmann Campus. We, the lighting design office Bartenbach, designed and implemented an innovative lighting concept for this space. 

High-grade LED-lighting is subtly integrated into the architecture to produce optimal conditions for usage and quality of stay. The dynamic light color temperatures from 2200 to 5000 Kelvin create a comfortable or activating atmosphere, depending on its use. The long and completely glazed room was additionally equipped with a flexible dividing wall system. At the center of the space is a kitchen made of natural stone and brass. Its cooking station can be moved around the room as needed. A wall of dark wood battens divides the neighboring from the main room and provides pleasing acoustics. 

To meet the room’s requirements, even glare-free illumination in combination with intelligent controls are used. More shine, better color rendering and a continuous spectrum stage the high-quality materials well. The highlight, however, is the urban roof-top garden. This is a space for relaxation, small gatherings and meetings but also sportive activities. Coordinated illumination of plants and free spaces as well as single zoning areas create a harmonious effect. Special lights were developed together with the umbrella manufacturer to shine different colors onto the bar area, adjustable to the nature of the event. 


"On the one hand, we enable companies to meet here in a professional and relaxed atmosphere - our academy is designed to combine business and meeting place. On the other hand, we want to host events and regularly offer industry meetings or workshops and organize congresses, for example on digital transformation and disruption in the fashion industry. There will be high-quality speakers all day . During breaks, people can network, and later they can enjoy a sun-downer on our phenomenal roof-top terrace. I could also imagine a circle of entrepreneurs where a selected group discusses things that should stay in the room in a very familiar atmosphere. The campus is perfect for all such events!" - Nick Hartmann


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