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Update Bartenbach Components

There are again some innovations at Bartenbach Components. In order to adapt the LFO to facilitate the new CSP (Chip Scale Package) LED technology (e.g. Nichia E17/E21 or Samsung LH181B) we redesigned the bottom interface of the two lenses. By only changing the hole pattern on the PCB it is possible to lower the LFO 0.5 mm further down and therefore bring the (lower) CSP LEDs back into focus.

All this is done by staying fully backwards compatible to existing designs and casings and of course keeping performance and light distribution. Furthermore, all the accessories (CFO-K, CFO-N, CFO-MP, CMG) stay perfectly compatible. While on the subject, the new CMG allows tunable white out of a single LFO, RDB, RDB-D or RDB-DW. This is achieved by a glass mixing rod that covers e.g. a 2x2 LED Nichia E21 cluster and mixes the light before it is decoupled into the component.

The RMJ family is also complemented by a super spot for accent lighting. The component comes in the same design and provides a narrow beam angle in the same light quality as the RMJ but is based on the light disc technology. The final and completely new component is also based on the light disc technology. The LLT is a modular lens system that will shine in office applications.