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ALEJA Shopping-Center

Shopping malls are now places to meet and are no longer just for shopping in the classic sense. To make this holistic experience more complete, an adaptive lighting atmosphere has been harmoniously integrated into the architecture, making the spaces noticeably more lively. The integral planning with BIM was carried out by ATP architekten ingenieure.

By positioning the skylights in accordance with the geometry of the building, daylight is used to create an optimal natural path. These bright spaces offer customers a wide variety of places where the dynamics of the light are significantly influenced by their own movement.

The customer's journey through the ALEJA shopping center starts with the unique design of the façade. The colorful surface of scales on the building's outer surface brings its dimensions down to a human scale. Through the color of the stainless steel shingles and their different surfaces, a naturalness is achieved that is similar to a reptile's skin. The façade thus radiates brilliance and warmth even when the sky is overcast. The lighting of the façade at night deliberately avoids the type of dominating, light-polluting illumination usually used for shopping centers. This also prevents any disturbance of adjacent neighborhoods due to an overabundance of light. A touch of glamour is created on the façade through LEDs hidden behind some of the scales. The façade remains elegantly recognizable to observers, even from a greater distance.

The greatest possible transparency is created at the main entrance through the use of particularly low-reflective thermal insulation glass. This lowers people's inhibitions about  entering the shopping center, and they then follow the “flow” of the flooring, which the lighting follows and accentuates. The flooring creates the impression of a stream running through a valley, and is supported along its course by meandering light zones.

On the upper floor, the space eventually widens into a spacious food court, where the flow of light ends clearly with a golden glass mosaic band in the ceiling. Wallwashers in the band make it reminiscent of the façade's scales, and makes the building's unique envelope perceptible in the interior as well.

The food court is complemented by a spectacular outdoor activity area on the roof, which provides space for a variety of activities. At night, a strip of light is used to safely define the space's edges. Despite the use of low ambient lighting that deliberately reduces the light intensity, a sense of security is created on the roof. Exclusively warm and thus insect-friendly lighting also makes the outdoor space a wonderful area to enjoy food.

These deliberate measures to reduce the amount of light in outdoor spaces, maximize the use of daylight and use only LEDs for the best color rendering of artificial light, result in a significantly reduced consumption of energy and offer both employees and customers a pleasant and healthy shopping environment.