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Quellenhof 5* Luxury Resort Passeier

The restaurant at the Quellenhof Resort is used for breakfast and dinner as part of the gourmet half-board package. The hotelier's aim is to express the excellent cuisine on offer in the restaurant's lighting and design concept as well. The challenge here was that the restaurant's rooms are located in the basement and have no direct access to daylight.

In order to give the room a friendly, daylit atmosphere despite its location, Bartenbach developed innovative “artificial windows”. These virtual openings arranged on the walls of the room provide guests with a connection to the outdoors. The special lighting technology and multi-layered structure of the 15cm-deep light windows provided the perfect solution for this type of situation. As a consequence, the effect of depth is created in the glass element and the visual effect is that of a room which has been opened up to the outside. This perception is intensified by plant motifs placed on the outermost layer of glass.

The illumination of the dining area has been achieved with an inconspicuous hidden LED lighting system integrated in the ceiling. These lights make it possible to use variable light colours and thus adapt the atmosphere to fit the time of day. For breakfast a colour temperature similar to daylight can be selected, which, in combination with the artificial windows, makes the restaurant appear sunlit and open. In the evening, a lighting scene with pleasant warm tones is ideal for creating a feel-good atmosphere for guests. The light windows adapt to both the lower level of brightness and the colour tone.
At a later hour, or for particularly festive occasions, the lighting system also provides a fire-like warm tone. In this case, the light windows change their appearance to a dimly lit evening sky, which is a harmonious contrast to the candlelight apparently present in the window.

The lighting solution and lighting scenes were developed and implemented in close cooperation with both the architect and client. Operation and control of the pre-programmed lighting scenes was deliberately kept simple and is performed using simple light scene pushbuttons.

For this extraordinary lighting solution, Bartenbach was responsible for the planning concept as well as the production and delivery of the lighting system. In this way, Bartenbach has created an incomparable high-quality experience for guests of the Quellenhof's restaurant and has made a significant contribution to the fact that guests enjoy experiencing this unique lighting ambience while enjoying excellent cuisine.