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Now it's official, and we're delighted to introduce two new colleagues. Our long-time colleague Frank Bunte has managed
to bring two more top lighting specialists on board at Bartenbach. Hannah Hölzl and Mathijs Sommeijer are not based
in Tyrol, but in Germany and the Netherlands.

Hannah Hölzl:
Hanna studied architecture and gained many years of experience as a lighting designer before joining us. She is now
responsible for our company and its projects in the Munich area. She is the first point of contact for our customers on
site and also works on exciting projects with our lighting design team in Innsbruck/Aldrans. We are very pleased to
welcome such an expert in the field of lighting design.

Mathijs Sommeijer: 
Mathijs is a specialist in the field of lighting design and will bring years of experience to our upcoming projects.
He is the primary contact for our customers in the Netherlands, and works out of Delft which is close to both Rotterdam
and The Hague. We very much look forward to the on-site support he'll be able to give us in our upcoming projects.

Our new employees are already available to answer any questions you might have concerning daylighting and artificial
lighting design. They look forward to hearing from you.