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The best light for the best chocolate

The basic lighting and accent lighting are very cautious according to the motto "Less is more" and ideally stages the visitor highlights. For a healthy working environment, the workplaces facing the hall received light with “tuneable white” LEDs that automatically adapts to day and night situations. A consciously higher illuminance results in a hierarchy-free and age-neutral lighting environment. For the visitors, however, it will be very atmospheric to see the staging built up and the brilliance of the staged-packaged bunnies, chocolates and bears in the shop.

According to the plans of the Basel architects Christ & Gantenbein, the building was completed in a record construction period of almost three years. The timeless but concise design theme forms a counterbalance to the historical Lindt & Sprüngli Factory buildings and the constant expansion. 

The visitor will be welcomed by an unexpected place inside which has as a highlight the iconic element of the whisk of the Maitres. As a visitor center, this place is designed and modeled after a place in the city and its materiality is timeless, clean and elegant at the same time. From the atrium, the visitor is led to the first level, where the pilot plant can be viewed - a real production line where the chocolates are produced is demonstrated. The process of conching and heating as well as cooling is made visible with light accents.

On the same level is the exhibition that shows the history of chocolate from the cocoa bean to the finished chocolate. As a highlight, visitors can learn to make these pralines themselves in the lounge and Maitres Chocolaterie. The light show goes into the different areas in a subtle way. The light staging is unobtrusive through the house with highlights in special areas. The cafe serves as a conclusion or meeting point with a very distinctive design element based on the Maitre’s copper mixing bowls. The warmth of the light creates a pleasant meeting place for the visitors.