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5 Star Light for a dream apartment

In Rattenberg, the smallest land community in Austria, a new private residence of the architect family Wurzer was established between 2018-2019. A real miracle was created from beautiful raw material. While it was being worked on, unexpected surprises surfaced. But the results can be seen: A light-flooded apartment with a view across Rattenberg.

In consultation with the monument office, small daylight openings were implemented as skylights. Bartenbach integrated reflective elements to double the amount of daylight. At the same time, the appearance was dematerialized and a neutral daylight effect was achieved. Artificial light has been integrated directly into the skylights to provide daylight if necessary. The sloping roof required an individual artificial lighting solution. There was a downwardly inclined spotlight built into an 8mm hole without structure and cover. This solution allows individual zoning, for example at the dining table or in the living area while at the same time providing illumination of the entire area. Moreover, the roof soffit was illuminated via a crossbeam without causing a glare. This soft basic brightness allows directional lights to be installed in the usage zones without causing any disturbing effect. The base light is produced with LFO spotlights integrated under the bars, which create indirect lighting on the slopes. The specification was the light being integrated into the wood cladding as little as possible.

Wallwashers achieve the desired effect on the walls. In the rest areas, bedrooms and living room, these lights were sunk into the wall. The light is aligned so that the person is never directly in the beam of the lamp and the light is only directly aimed at the visual task. The people in the vicinity are not disturbed or blinded.

Individual scene switching was set up in close coordination with the users. These are easily controllable via a tablet system. The installation of tuneable white LEDs allows the light color from daylight-supporting white tone (morning and day) to warm tone (in the evening). The aim was to provide the best possible lighting solution depending on the usage and area.