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A lighting concept with integrated systems.

Bartenbach supported the architects of Behnisch in the light-optimized design of the new student dormitory for more than 200 aspiring academics at the Regensburg University Campus. 

With wooden fa├žade and concrete elements, the architects of Behnisch have once again laid out a great design that can be seen. A student dormitory for 204 students is planned, in a split building form. On 5 floors, 163 residential units (204 beds) are planned, with a common room in the direction of greenery. The student dormitory is planned with an energy, daylight and ventilation optimized building concept and thus enables an economical and sustainable operation.

Bartenbach was brought here for reinforcement to equip the dormitory with effective light. Integrated systems have been used to allow flexibility in use and reduce the risk of vandalism. An especially important role is played by the feeling of security in all public and community areas.

The outdoor area is equipped with mast lights. The different light distributions emphasize the access path and uniformly expose the parking area and provide a view of the building.

In the entrance area and the distribution areas, a light guide through wall lightening is created and, as a result, the natural pathway through light and targeted zoning is supported. Inside the building, the focus is on working and living. Here, a suitable lighting mood is set up for the respective usage time, which generates a high quality of stay with different light colours. For optimal daylight support, an activating, neutral white light is used and a pleasant, warm white light is used for the evening.

The lighting is integrated into the ceilings so that the actual luminaire enters the background and only the lighting is experienced.