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Safety takes place.

Tunnel. A dark place that saves us many detours and is a grandiose invention. Especially in the mountains we cannot imagine a road without a tunnel that leads you through the mountain. But such a tunnel not only has advantages but can also become a danger.
The research department of Bartenbach has taken up the task and, on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology and ASFINAG, investigates the lighting and surface design of tunnels.
But what does that mean?

The contamination, age, and surface finish of the paint on the tunnel walls can, among other things, influence the lighting situation in the tunnel. The research team uses sample plates, each with four different coats, from different manufacturers to check for differences. For this purpose, the surface condition is analyzed and several light-technical measurements are carried out in various tunnels.
Smooth surfaces are easier to clean compared to rough surfaces and can increase the brightness in the tunnel, but the increased reflection values can cause undesirable gloss and glare effects, which can affect both visual perception performance and attention. The challenge for tunnel planners here is to optimally match surfaces and lighting.
Based on the results of these measurements, further perceptual psychological studies on the Bartenbach tunnel model and through literature research, recommendations are developed, for the color design of the tunnel walls and the escape route markings. The result is scientifically validated recommendations.
The optimal lighting for the entrance and exit area in tunnels is also being evaluated to further reduce the risk of accidents. The study will run until the end of May 2021 and will be carried out in five different tunnels throughout Austria.