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The SolarHydrogen research project - A highly innovative LED light reactor for artificial photosynthesis.

Through cooperation of the Institute of General, Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry of the University of Innsbruck with the companies VF Services GmbH and Bartenbach GmbH, research was conducted on 3d metals (copper, nickel) coordinated with PNP ligands for artificial photosynthesis to be able to generate hydrogen directly with light. Highly engineered light sources and sophisticated gas measurements allow such systems to be perfectly optimized.

The research and development department of Bartenbach was able to develop a highly innovative, multispectral LED light reactor in the SolarHydrogen project and hand over a prototype system to the University of Innsbruck at the end of the project. Due to its optical performance and simultaneous analysis possibilities, this reactor allows completely new research approaches in the field of photochemistry.

First scientific publications have already been successfully published in the basic research area of chemical material synthesis (e.g.: Tromancenium Explored with High-Power LED Photosynthesis). In addition, patent protection of the system and the process has been filed by the University of Innsbruck and the Bartenbach company. Bartenbach is currently investigating the further development of the system into a pre-series product.

Questions about the project, the technical possibilities of the device or the further developments can be put directly to Mr. Daniel Föger (

This project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund, co-financed by IWB/EFRE; K-Regio program.