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Refresh your Shopping Mall

As part of the renovation of the shopping center "Hoog Catharijne", the building received a new and adapted lighting concept.

The concept of transformation and expansion follows the approach of a public space that is part of the city with a sequence of city squares. This is reflected in the lighting design, which takes over this concept with different designs at the squares and paths.

In the dense development above the actual mall, it is necessary to replace daylight with artificial light. This resulted in an optimization of the glass roofs in between with a conscious removal of brightness in some areas in order to achieve a natural routing with the correct brightness levels. The glass is also chosen in such a way that a warm atmosphere is created in the room even in bad weather.

Coordinated with this, the light changes its color to optimize the lighting mood like sunlight in daylight and to create a warm, golden lighting mood for the night. This invites you to stroll and linger, and it significantly increases one’s length of stay.

All lighting fixtures are "Tunable White", i.e. the light in the interior has the same color temperature as the outdoor light and additionally optimizes in case of bad weather. This ensures, among other things, that the transition is as natural as possible for visitors when they enter or leave the mall.