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A daylight design with a shine effect

A food supplement manufacturer on biological basis

Biogena is a privately held company specializing in the production and distribution of Dietary supplements and natural remedies. The company was 2004 in Austria and has since expanded to several other countries in Europe.

Biogena's mission is to provide high quality products based on based on scientific research and made from the highest quality ingredients. ingredients. The company believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness and aims to support optimal health through its products and services.

In addition to manufacturing and distributing nutritional supplements, Biogena also offers personalized nutrition plans and consulting services by trained professionals. The company is committed to promoting natural and sustainable solutions for improved Health and well-being.

The lighting design with a shine effect

The highlight of Biogena's design is the reflective daylight domes in the entrance to the building. From the entrance, glittering elements can be seen on the floor and walls of the walls. These come from the daylight domes that were installed in the ceiling of the main building. in the ceiling of the main building. Through integrated mirrors in the domes, the sunlight lets reflective elements to dance on in the building's interior. The daylighting design was enhanced by artificial light through hidden spots in the ceilings.

The reflecting daylight dome

A daylight dome with integrated mirrors is a type of skylight that is designed to maximize the amount of natural light entering a building. It consists of a dome-shaped glass or other transparent material that is built into the roof of a building.

The dome is often equipped with a series of mirrors or reflective surfaces strategically placed to redirect sunlight into the space below. The use of mirrors in a daylighting dome helps to increase the amount of natural
light entering a building, especially in spaces that are lower in the building or in areas that are normally poorly lit. or in areas that are normally poorly lit. By reflecting reflecting and redirecting sunlight, the mirrors can help distribute light evenly throughout a evenly throughout the room, reducing the need for artificial lighting, and improving energy.

Advantages of daylight in buildings

Daylighting is an essential aspect of building design, as it offers several benefits that Contribute to human well-being and comfort. Here are some reasons why daylighting in buildings is important:

1. improved visual comfort: daylighting helps occupants see more clearly, thereby Eye strain and visual discomfort are reduced. It also provides a better sense of depth and color perception, making visual tasks easier to perform. tasks can be performed more easily.

2. energy saving: by using natural light instead of artificial lighting, buildings can reduce their energy consumption and save money on electricity on electricity bills.

3. health benefits: exposure to natural light has been shown to have many health benefits, including light has numerous health benefits, such as regulating the sleep-wake cycle, reducing stress, and improving mood.

4. connection to the outside world: Daylight helps to establish a connection between the indoor and outdoor environments by giving people a sense of place and a connection to the natural world. and a connection to the natural world.

5. aesthetics: daylighting can improve the aesthetic quality of a building by creating a dynamic and ever-changing environment that is visually appealing to the person. Person visually appealing.

In summary, daylighting is essential for building design because it provides several benefits that contribute to the comfort, health and well-being of People, as well as to energy savings and aesthetics.