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Inspiring & groundbreaking: light installation with letters

Carpet of light attracts attention and provides orientation

The 130 meter long and 5.80 meter wide carpet of light consists of 859 different signs and follows the so-called Innovation Track, or iTrack for short. This runs through the entire second floor of the office location - and forms a central axis that connects three separate atrium buildings. Around 40 agencies with more than 1,700 employees under one roof are brought together via the route in the heart of the creative campus. The carpet of light provides orientation in the high, open spaces: whether "Conference" "Terrace" or "Cafeteria" - the individual, illuminated signs combine to form concrete building signage that reliably shows agency employees, visitors and the public the way. The idea of the light carpet as an orientation system came from the Übele office and could be implemented with our support.


A luminous first impression 

The first impression is decisive: not only communication professionals know this, but also the lighting designers from Bartenbach. Immediately upon entering the building, visitors are presented with a unique sight: The letters are reminiscent of classic illuminated advertising and intuitively accompany those arriving into the building. A six-meter-wide staircase leads up to the iTrack on the second floor - and from there through the entire building. On LED walls along the iTrack, campaigns and motifs from the Serviceplan Group can be experienced virtually.


Intelligent lighting control 

The lighting installation itself also relies on state-of-the-art technology: 2,300 linear meters of LED strips were mounted on rails and attached to a total of 2,891 suspension points. Together with electronic ballasts, the LEDs ensure particularly energy-efficient operation with a high level of lighting comfort.  Barbenbach also incorporated an intelligent lighting control system that ensures that the brightness of the light carpet is adapted to the level of daylight. Letters and characters are perfectly legible at all times. For special occasions, such as events or vernissages, the light carpet can be individually adjusted. 


Attention-grabbing element of visitor guidance 

Creative networking is one of the central themes at Serviceplan's headquarters in Munich's Werksviertel district: In the spirit of "New Work," the House of Communication relies on high, open ceilings and flexible room layouts. They offer space for both concentrated work and creative exchange in collaboration zones. There are also numerous opportunities for informal networking, for example a 30-meter-long coral red sofa that can seat up to 100 people. With arrows and location information, the carpet of light refers to the various offerings - and thus becomes an attention-grabbing element of visitor guidance.


Up-to-date lighting technology meets timelessly beautiful typography

Functionality and design, state-of-the-art lighting technology and the timeless beauty of sophisticated typography: all this is combined in the lighting installation planned by Bartenbach in the House auf Communication. The interior design, developed by HENN Architekten from a single source and implemented by top specialists in their field, is convincing all along the line. This was also the opinion of the makers of the International Interior Design (IID) Awards, who named the House of Communication 2022 a "Gold Winner".