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Exemplary sustainability paired with outstanding aesthetics

Award-Winning lighting design: Austrian Green Planet Building Award 2023 for “markas Headquarters”

With the Austrian Green Planet Building Award, sponsored by the Austrian Green Planet Building® Award, Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment and Energy, the award recognizes buildings that are exemplary in sustainability and environmental responsibility. Several factors contributed to Bartenbach’s daylight-based lighting concept winning the award: it reduces energy consumption, minimizes light pollution and creates a healthy and productive working environment for employees. In the award statement it says: "The markas headquarters uses over 1,800 plants and a water basin as climate regulators and offers flexibility in its open-office concept with plenty of daylight."

Supporting the well-being of people in the building

The lighting design of the markas headquarters supports the ecological orientation of the building – and sets new standards for sustainable lighting solutions. "Our goal was to create and develop a lighting concept that not only underlines the unique architecture, but also enables sustainable operations and the highest level of well-being for markas employees," says CMO & CSO Daniel Lechner at Bartenbach. "We are even more pleased at the confirmation that this forward-looking path is now being repeated”.

Spaces that inspire and invigorate

An exciting interplay of light and shadow, carefully selected color temperatures and strategically placed luminaires contribute to a visually stunning and dynamic office environment. Bartenbach's lighting design blends seamlessly into the eye-catching interior design by ATP Architects and creates places that inspire and invigorate. As early as 2019, the markas headquarters received the Klimahaus A certification. It is the first building in Italy to have been awarded the international WELL certificate in gold, specifically in the areas of comfort, health and well-being of real estate users. In 2021 the office building received the German Design Award.

Rethinking lighting design for every project

The Austrian Green Planet Building® Award recognizes the extraordinary sustainability of the building. It is a testament not only of the corporate culture of markas, but also of Bartenbach's outstanding expertise when it comes to sustainable lighting design and developing new, forward-looking concepts. The promise of the lighting experts from Aldrans near Innsbruck: With every project, Bartenbach thinks about the possibilities of lighting designs – and creates spaces that seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

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