Daylight planning with a glossy effect

For Biogena World, a very special lighting solution was developed using natural light and artificial light.
For the Biogena World, a very special lighting solution was created from daylight and artificial light. Reflective elements give the entrance area a very special glow.
besonderen Glanz.

Daylight domes create extraordinary aesthetics

A production hall and an office building. Connected by a curved bridge walkway. A striking vertical batten on the façade. Green roofs. The headquarters of Biogena GmbH is an exceptional business location. At the gates of Salzburg, the manufacturer of micronutrient and health products has implemented its vision of a modern production plant based on the pure substance principle "made in Austria". The Good Health World is surrounded by 6,500 square meters of biotope, produced especially from natural materials and tailored to the needs of employees and visitors: The new building was built according to an innovative building concept. In addition to production, office and administrative space, the site also includes a show production, an art gallery, and a sculpture park. Bartenbach has created a unique solution of daylight and artificial light for this extraordinary facility.

Lighting design with a wow effect

At the heart of the innovative lighting solution are the two mirrored daylight domes at the entrance of the building. Built-in mirrors reflect sunlight and create glittering lighting effects on the floor and walls. This creates a particularly dynamic, varied room atmosphere. It almost seems as if the sunlight itself is "dancing" through the room. Employees and visitors alike are escorted into the interior of the building by extraordinary aesthetic accents. A stay at the Biogena Good Health World begins with a highlight – in the literal sense of the word.

The domes also provide a particularly high proportion of daylight – and maximize the incidence of natural light entering the building. By reflecting and redirecting sunlight, mirrors distribute it particularly evenly throughout the room. Hidden spots in the ceilings complement the daylight planning with artificial light.

Daylight increases the quality of stay

Bringing the dynamics of natural light into the interior: That is the goal of Bartenbach's daylight planning for Biogena. After all, daylight not only has an activating effect, but also ensures the highest level of visual comfort. The people in the room benefit from the fact that their optic nerve is relieved. They not only gain a better sense of depth and perceive colors in their environment particularly well, but they also perform activities optimally.

In addition to visual support, daylight also has a biological effect: the human body clock is stabilized, and its sleep-wake rhythm is synchronized. This prevents stress, improves mood, and ensures a restful night's sleep and well-rested employees. The visible connection to the outside helps people in the interior to locate themselves in their natural environment and supports orientation.

Finally, a daylight-based lighting concept also offers enormous advantages for building operators such as Biogena. The incidence of daylight ensures that less artificial light has to be used. In this way, the energy consumption of real estate can be effectively reduced, saving electricity and costs.

Natural light for sustainable buildings

With the daylight-based lighting concept, Bartenbach contributes to the holistic approach of Biogena World. "Good Health" – this is not only the motto of the extraordinary new company building but is also the focus of the lighting design. Comfort, well-being, aesthetics, and energy efficiency: the positive effects of the daylight design and the extraordinary skylights in the entrance underline the inspiring effect of Biogena World. The best conditions for production, knowledge transfer and exchange of experience.

Advantages of daylight in buildings

Daylighting is an essential aspect of building design, as it offers several benefits that contribute to human well-being and comfort. Here are some reasons why daylighting in buildings is important:


improved visual comfort:

Daylighting helps occupants see more clearly, thereby Eye strain and visual discomfort are reduced. It also provides a better sense of depth and color perception, making visual tasks easier to perform. tasks can be performed more easily.


energy saving:

By using natural light instead of artificial lighting, buildings can reduce their energy consumption and save money on electricity on electricity bills.


health benefits:

Exposure to natural light has been shown to have many health benefits, including light has numerous health benefits, such as regulating the sleep-wake cycle, reducing stress, and improving mood.


connection to the outside world:

Daylight helps to establish a connection between the indoor and outdoor environments by giving people a sense of place and a connection to the natural world. and a connection to the natural world.



Daylighting can improve the aesthetic quality of a building by creating a dynamic and ever-changing environment that is visually appealing to the person. Person visually appealing.

In summary, daylighting is essential for building design because it provides several benefits that contribute to the comfort, health and well-being of People, as well as to energy savings and aesthetics.

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