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The Abraj Al Bait and its impressive tower clock in Mecca

Islam, one of the world's most important religions, manifests its presence in many ways. A notable symbol of this importance is the Abraj Al Bait Tower, an impressive structure that has sprung up in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in recent years. With an impressive height of 601 meters, the tower rises majestically above the city, symbolizing the spiritual connection of millions of believers.

With an eye on the time, the four largest clocks in the world are prominently displayed on the façade of the tower at a height of 425 meters. Its dials measure an impressive 43 meters in diameter. These timepieces are not only functional instruments, but also symbols of continuity and devotion to faith.

It is not only time that is depicted here in monumental form. Underneath the imposing clocks are media facades that tell impressive stories and messages visually. Four such façades, each measuring 70 by 11 meters, were integrated into the architecture of the tower and shine in vivid colors. Bartenbach was commissioned to design the lighting technology for these façades. In a five-year development process, a lighting design was created that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also underlines the spiritual significance of this place.

The fusion of technology and aesthetics is also evident in the tower clocks and media façades, which are equipped with around two million LEDs. These glow day and night and are visible from a distance of eight kilometers. The lighting elements are seamlessly integrated into the architecture and give the tower a harmonious appearance at all times.

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