Hanau City Library

Bartenbach and Schrammel Architects design inspiring reading rooms with light and colors

Flooded with intensely colorful and friendly light: The lighting design for the Hanau City Library shapes and underlines the character of this special cultural space. In collaboration with Schrammel Architects, Bartenbach creates a stimulating room atmosphere, a fascinating play of light and shadow that invites visitors to the city library to linger and discover. Light that stimulates reading and imagination: From artfully arranged downlights to innovative elements such as the "crystal-like" stair lights, Bartenbach has carefully designed every detail – not only for an inspiring aesthetic, but also for maximum functionality of the library rooms.

Artful play with light and shadow

A sunny, yellow staircase, pink and green seating, and an event hall designed in different colors: The artificial lighting design was the key to putting the visionary interior design of the 4,200 square meter Hanau City Library in the right light. The lighting solution not only makes it easier for interested readers to find their way around the room, but it also creates a particularly stimulating atmosphere.

Carefully placed downlights in the ceilings were used as the main lighting system. Upon closer inspection, they appear to randomly arranged and distributed across the room. In fact, the lighting system has a sophisticated grid: the pattern runs through the entire room and thus ensures particularly homogeneous, organic-looking lighting.

Colorful concept and clear zoning

Sunny yellow, deep red, bright pink, dark purple or frog green: The eye-catching color scheme of the different rooms not only sets accents and provides an inspiring, playful lightness, but it is also used for spatial zoning – and clearly demarcates different areas of activity from each other by means of coloring.

More than just a point of transit

Whether by train, bus, bike, or car sharing, the newly opened ÖBB Feldkirch railway station is an important mobility hub in the Vorarlberg region. Almost 16,000 people use the area every day – and the trend is rising. Nevertheless, the Feldkirch station wants to be more than just a place of passage: Conceived as a literary station, with a lighting design by Bartenbach, the site invites you to linger.

Differentiated visual tasks, Differentiated lighting scenarios

The lighting design for the Hanau City Library is also particularly versatile to support the different visual tasks of the visitors. In the corridors, Bartenbach has arranged the luminaires transversely to optimally illuminate paths. This not only makes the passage areas pleasant to walk on, but it also gives them a certain dynamism. In addition, Bartenbach has illuminated entire wall surfaces as subtle pathways to gently guide visitors through the premises.

In the reading corner, an artificial skylight gives the impression of natural daylight. It is illuminated both directly and indirectly – and thus has a particularly harmonious light distribution. Readers can thus browse in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere.

Geometric shapes meet strong colors

In addition to the special colorfulness, the interior design also relies on geometric design: In the lecture hall, which is used for readings and cultural events, Bartenbach has created a generous skylight with a triangular pendant luminaire. It floods the room with natural daylight and thus not only ensures sufficient brightness in the room, but also supports visitors in their concentration. Downlights set the stage in a targeted manner – and optimally illuminate presentations and demonstrations.

Innovative elements for surprising lighting effects

Bartenbach uses a particularly innovative lighting element for the central staircase. The lighting designers installed luminaires on the underside of the steps, which are reminiscent of crystals hanging from the ceiling. The design not only adds a decorative touch to the staircase, but it also creates the impression that the sun itself shines through the ceiling. Bartenbach implemented the entire lighting design with energy-efficient LED luminaires. They not only provide a pleasant light, but also contribute to a sustainable energy balance of the building.

From the artful arrangement of the downlights to the sophisticated lighting effects on

Skylights and stairs: Bartenbach's lighting concept for the Hanau City Library gives young and old readers a lot to discover. In this way, the library stay becomes an unforgettable experience that will be remembered. Light as an art form creates a magical atmosphere for personal encounters and consulting.

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