Schloss Gobelsburg Winery

Tradition meets innovation

Tradition meets innovation

Located in the picturesque vineyards of Lower Austria, the Schloss Gobelsburg winery is known not only for its excellent wines, but also for its rich history, dating back to 1171. In a bold fusion of the traditional and the forward-looking, the winery has teamed up with the renowned lighting design company Bartenbach. The result is a harmonious symbiosis between light, art, and wine, which allows the beauty of the historic buildings and the fascination of wine to shine in a whole new light.

Exclusive light for the Schloss Gobelsburg wineryg

During the lighting design for the Schloss Gobelsburg winery, the experts from Bartenbach were faced with the task of harmonizing the historic building fabric with wine production. The aim was to preserve the atmospheric mood of the castle, increase the quality of the visitor experience and improve wine production through modern lighting concepts.

The lighting designers began their work with a detailed analysis of the architectural features of the castle and the wine production sites. In addition to natural lighting conditions, special circumstances and requirements of the individual rooms and areas were taken into consideration.

Innovative light art, palpable emotion

The lighting design at the Schloss Gobelsburg winery specifically emphasizes the special atmosphere of the castle by creating atmospheric lighting. The well-thought-out lighting not only underlines the historical details, but also brings the rooms to life and gives them a unique character.

In the lager cellars, where the wines mature to perfection, targeted lighting accents have been set to highlight the structure of the barrels and create an ambience that invites you to linger and enjoy. The tasting rooms were given cozy lighting, which increases the well-being of the guests and intensifies the enjoyment of the fine wines.

Weingut Schloss Gobelsburg

Wine production with foresight: sustainability and efficiency

In striving for a combination of design and sustainability, Bartenbach has set new standards. In addition to the aesthetic demands, special emphasis was placed on efficient lighting. Bartenbach used state-of-the-art LED technology to minimize energy consumption while ensuring optimal illumination. This decision not only improved the environmental balance of the winery, but also contributed to the protection of the delicate wines, as LED light radiates almost no heat.

The magic of light in the world of wine

Bartenbach's lighting concept for the Schloss Gobelsburg winery is much more than a simple lighting solution. It creates a sensual atmosphere that immerses visitors in a fascinating and magical combination of light and wine. The well-thought-out lighting design underlines the architectural subtleties of the historic walls and harmoniously combines them with modern wine production.

Thanks to the partnership with Bartenbach, the Schloss Gobelsburg winery has not only revolutionized its lighting technology, but also consolidated its position as a pioneer in tradition and innovation within the wine industry. The concept impressively shows that the right use of light can tell an extraordinary story and capture the essence of a place. In this way, the Schloss Gobelsburg winery will continue to offer its visitors magical and unforgettable experiences in the future.

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