„ Not from the luminaire to the overall ambience but from the desired effect
to the lighting concept using the findings in perception psychology. And then
applying physics and photometry to arrive at the optimal luminaire type
respectively lighting system.“

Prof. Dr. h.c. Ing. Christian Bartenbach

We work holistically.

Man is a creature that depends on light – because without light there is no life. In current times, 90% of life is spent inside and this is why lighting design has such a major influence on our quality of life. Appropriate use of light creates safety and wellbeing and enhances our ability to perform.

The phenomenon of light is multi-faceted, which is why we work in an interdisciplinary environment. Architects, physicists, psychologists and designers all create individual lighting solutions. As part of the international scientific community network, Bartenbach is always at the cutting edge of research. Continuous growth of knowledge is our capital.

From the beginning close to the pulse of time.

Christian Bartenbach and his brother founded their own lighting manufacturing company "Leuchtenfabrik Bartenbach Lichtsysteme" in Innsbruck.
In 1964 he introduced the socalled "Dark-Light-Technique" better known as low brightness luminaires, that contributed to their commercial success during the energy crisis in Europe in the 1970-ties.
Founding of „Lichtplanung Christian Bartenbach“ in Munich
After a successful period in Munich Bartenbach returned to Austria and established Bartenbach LichtLabor in Aldrans near Innsbruck in 1989
Conferment of the professional title Professor by the Austrian Federal President to Christian Bartenbach.
In 2002 the Centre of Competence LIGHT was established. This institution focuses on research and development related to light with the support of the Austrian Federal Government.
Opening of the Bartenbach lighting Academy in Aldrans near Innsbruck.
Handover to next generation from Prof. Christian Bartenbach to his son Christian Bartenbach.
Christian Bartenbach receives the honorary doctorship from the University of Innsbruck, awarded by Rector Karlheinz Töchterle
Change of name from the past Bartenbach LichtLabor GmbH to the future Bartenbach GmbH.
Initiation of "Bartenbach Components" with the development of an innovative LED Wallwasher based on a secondary reflector technique incl. tunable white.
As one of the first lighting design offices Bartenbach presents itself at the Light + Building in Frankfurt a.M., Germany.
Lighting Solutions as additional service: consultation from the initial concept to the final implementation of a lighting system
Starting the process of restructuring into an agile, democratic organisation
[Translate to English:] Christian Bartenbach Generationen
In 1976 Christian Bartenbach established what was then called 'Lighting Design Christian Bartenbach', the engineering office that was between 1989 and 2013 called 'Bartenbach LichtLabor' and has meanwhile changed its name to Bartenbach GmbH. His work, patented both in Europe and on a worldwide scale, has led to pioneering inventions such as highly efficient glare-free systems technologies, daylight redirection systems and novel sunshading systems.

Bartenbach Academy

We also address newcomers interested in light.

To this end, we organise an annual 2-day university symposium, which offers students of architecture and design extensive insights into the world of light with visionary lighting ideas and innovative concepts. 
In addition, numerous teaching assignments focus on the special topic of "Building with daylight".

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  • Staatspreis Patent Christian Bartenbach
  • [Translate to English:] Deutscher Lichtdesignpreis für Klubhaus St Pauli
  • [Translate to English:] Innovationspreis 2016
  • [Translate to English:] Innovationspreis 2016
  • [Translate to English:] MIPIM Award 2017 Psychiatrische Klinik Slagelse


LichtKulturRat AWARD
German Lighting Design Award: Category International Project
German Lighting Design Award: Lighting Designer of the Year
German Lighting Design Award: Special Price Daylight
German Lighting Design Award: Category Education
*Staatspreis Patent (State Patent Prize)* for Prof. Christian Bartenbach
Austrian Green Planet Building Award for Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center
LILA 2017 Public Choice Award for the Nørreport Station
German Lighting Design Award for Klubhaus St. Pauli
MIPIM Award 2017 for the Psychiatric Hospital in Slagelse
A prize at the eAward 2017
Danish Lighting Award goes to Nørreport Station
AR Healthcare Award for the Psychiatric Clinic in Slagelse
BDA Hamburg Architecture Prize: 2nd prize for Klubhaus St. Pauli
Nørreport Station wins WAN Award
Klubhaus St. Pauli wins a Media Architecture Award in Sydney
competition prize from "BORA Kochfeldabzüge" ...
Odense Foot and Cycle Bridge wins European Steel Design Award
Iconic Awards 2015 - Winner
German Lighting Design Award - Bartenbach gets 2 nominations 2015
RIBA London Regional Award 2015
4. Prix Lumière SLG 2014
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